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How Can You Install WordPress Risk-Free On Bluehost? Start to finish step-by-step tutorial


If you are reading this, then you might be looking to start your own online business
and ready to get your website setup and start publishing the Articles and build your own network.

Your website will be the hub for your online business and serve to attract and convince your audience regardless of your you are offering online.

With this tutorials, I am going to show you about how to create your first Bluehost Account.

Then I’ll guide you to install and configure WordPress, then I will help you to publish your fist blog and posts.

You can use this tutorial as your step by step guide to get everything done as said. In case if you have any question,
Please do leave a comment and I’ll try my best to answer all of them.

Let’s Get Started

First Getting a Bluehost Web hosting account | Bluehost WordPress Tutorial

Creating a Bluehost web hosting account and getting WordPress Installed is very easier than it used to be in past.

When I started using Bluehost back in 2007, they were a very small firm ran mainly by Matt Heaton.

That time it took more efforts and web development knowledge to set up my site and install WordPress on it.

They had very fewer products, features, and support compared by now.
But they have grown successfully now and provided great services backed by their superior support.

I’ve been recommending Bluehost for years now and many of our clients are either on Bluehost
or they use Inmotion and Hostgator.

Before you Jump to Bluehost site and click on Get Started Now button,
there are few thing you need to know as a beginner.

You need to select a plan that suits you and you will need a domain to suits your needs.

How To Install WordPress On Bluehost

1) Choosing the right domain name as per your needs.

If you have not selected a domain name yet, you need to do this now or you should do this…

How to select the best domain name?

Selecting the domain name is a different approach for everyone, but you should be selecting something rooted in your desired goals.

For Example; If your goal is to build a personal blog/brand, then just register your domain with your name.

If you are creating new services or product then you will need to find a domain name,
That will work for your blog/brand like I did.

For example, My company didn’t want me to pay over $10,000 dollars so I used .in extension for my domain.

Selecting a domain name can be difficult as there are not many useful dot-com domain names available to match our needs.

Unless you want to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get one as desired by you.

The best thing is that there are many new and fresh Top Level Domain Extensions available to select from.


.co, .pro, .guru, .ninja, .travel, .agency and much more.

Searching for an available domain name of your choice

Bluehost has a domain search interface that has been redesigned and make it very easy to search for a domain name and register it for you.

Now when you search for your niche keywords the results will show many more matching domain with that niche automatically for your selection with more options.

To see how the new domain registration window looks, just visit the domains section of your Bluehost control panel by going to the Register tab.

From there you will be able to search for the domain name you wish to register and then click on ‘check‘ or ‘Bulk Register Domain‘ button to search for multiple domains with one click.

If you have already searched

Then continue through the shopping cart experience and after you complete the payment process and logged in to your account and see below screen, come back to continue to >> Finish >> Getting WordPress installed.


2) Selecting the right web hosting plan for your needs.

Blue host Offers 3 plans, Basic | Plus | Prime | PRO.

I have hosted this website on a Pro Account.
I am Very Happy with it as it gives the level of performance this website needs.

But you don’t need to go for The PRO Plan now.

You can select the plan which suits your need and especially your budget.

As you are just getting started,

I suggest you select a Basic Plan and when you start getting more and more visitors.

That is when you need better performance and it is very easy to upgrade your plan by logging into your Bluehost Cpanel or by calling Bluehost Support team.

3) Search Then Select and Pay for account

Now as you have selected an available domain name and you know about the plan that suits your needs has been selected, go ahead and head over to Bluehost and then click on Get Started Now Button.

Then come Back to Step 4, When you see the below screen in your Bluehost account.

4) An overview of your Bluehost Cpanel Dashboard

Your Bluehost Cpanel Dashboard gives you access to all the features and tools,
to help you manage your web hosting server.

They have broken it down into below mentioned categories.

Each tool within these section does a specific thing and I will cover some of these features more in future posts.

if you have a question about any of this feature, Please leave a comment below.

Alright! here we go.. With your web hosting setup done, Lets us get the WordPress installed and working for you.

5) Lets Install WordPress with Bluehost one-click install tool.

Look in your Bluehost Cpanel for ‘Install WordPress’ Button in website category and just click on it.

Now Click on the Install button.

Select your domain, from the drop-down list by clicking on it.

Then Select it and click Check Domain button.

Now it will check your domain setting to ensure they are correct and then if the setting is correct.

It will display a new pop-up saying installing WordPress.

After it is completed, Click on ‘Show Advanced Options’.

Then enter your site name, type your email.

If you want to and you can change your password as per your requirement.

You can also keep the same settings for now and change the site details later.

But the email for admin account cannot be changed later.

So make sure that you have specified the correct one as per your need.

After you are done changing the details.

Please read the terms and conditions, and click the checkbox then click on install now button.


The Bluehost system will now install WordPress on your Web host server.

You can see the status at the top of the screen in the status section.

After it’s completed, it will give you the links to your Home page and a link to access the admin dashboard.

Your WordPress Admin URL will Look like this >>

I always bookmark my admin URLs so it becomes easy for me to find my Dashboard URLs.

While I work on other Websites. I will suggest you the same to do.

You can now click on the Admin URL and Login to your new website’s WordPress dashboard.



Now it is the right time for your 1st post.

After you are logged-in to your website’s admin panel you will see your WordPress Dashboard.

Your WordPress Dashboard gives you access to an overview of what’s happening with your Blog.

Dashboard Activities

You can view all posts, pages, drafts, plugins, themes, notifications and activity.

This is especially relevant to check, who is linking to your website who posted a comment on your posts.

you can learn more about WordPress dashboard here.

Now you can write your first post with great content, customize your site looks, add pages and much more.

Click on Write your first Blog post, add your post’s title then write your first great content and click publish.

Congratulations! You have done it.

Awesome work! You have just published your 1st blog post.

Did I miss Something?

While I start writing this post I make sure that everyone should be able to understand the steps.

Therefore, I try to make my posts as much as simple for everyone.

Since I may have missed something or your need more details about something, please do leave a comment.