Search Engine Optimization: Top 8 Essentials 2017

»»»Search Engine Optimization: Top 8 Essentials 2017

Search Engine Optimization: Top 8 Essentials 2017

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Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important and Essential. SEO helps you to rank your website properly and to be found at the most Important points in generating a need process or why people need your website.

What Search Engines looks for in your website? How can you create your website in a way that will engage both your customers/visitor and search engines like; Google, Bing, Yandex and other Search engines? Most Important! How can you use SEO to increase your website’s presence in Search Engines and Generate more profits for you?

At the SEO Session at SES New York, The Director of SEO, Chicago Tribune/435 Digital  Carolyn Shelby (@CShel) explained the detailed and extreme value SEO can deliver to your site, and stressed the importance of Basic SEO using the following Algorithm:

We Should always start doing Basic SEO “Missing on Basic SEO and spending your money and time on doing social and fancy stuff is the same as you skip brushing your teeth and go for Shower directly, but you are buying white strips and wearing very expensive cologne, Shelby Said.

Although this introductory SEO session was intended for newcomers in the industry, Shelby’s tips offered some important reminders for experienced SEO professionals who have been doing site optimizations for many years.

What Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Exactly?

The Goal of SEO is not to cheat or play with search engine’s algorithm. The main purpose of Search Engin Optimization is to:

  • Create a Great, interactive and Seamless user experience.
  • communicate with Search Engines and inform them about your article’s intentions so that can show your website for relevant search terms in search results.

Search Engine Optimization: Top 8 Essentials 2017

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Let me show you an Example


Search Engine Optimization

You Internal/External links, Paid Links and your social media activities work as icing, but your main content, the architecture of the information, management of the content system and infrastructure work as the sugar and makes your cake complete. without it, your cake will have no taste, boring, and will get thrown in the dustbin.

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2. What Are Search Engines Looking For? In your content

The Job of a Search Engines is to provide best possible results by referring the user to a website and content which is most relevant to what the user is looking for. Now how search engines decide what is relevant for users?

  • Content: Search engines checks for the theme that is given, the text and the title on the page and description that are given with the page/post.
  • Performance: Search Engines also check for site speed, how fast your site loads and if it is up and stable.
  • Authority: It also checks if your website has good & unique content. if your site can link to other domains or if other domains linking to your site/content.
  • User Experience: Search Engines also checks for your site’s look, if it is easy to navigate on your site? Is your website safe for the user? and If your site’s bounce is HIGH?

Search Engine Optimization: Top 8 Essentials 2017

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3. What Search engines don’t like?

Search engines have very limited amount of data storage, so if you’re trying to use BlackHat SEO or trying to trick any Search engine, then you’re hurting your website or rankings in the long run. Few things you may get penalized for are:

  • Keyword Stuffing: Just to fool the search engines, people use the keywords multiple times in thier post/post.
  • Purchasing Link: Buying backlinks will not help you at all, so please don’t waste your money.
  • Poor User Experience: Keep your posts simple and easy to understand, too many ads and making it difficult to read your content will increase your bounce rate as users might leave your site. if you know your website’s bounce rate and if you’re writing genuinely then the users will engage and it will help you to find other information about your site.
    For Example: if your site’s bounce rate is 80% or higher and you have the content available but users are leaving your site early. it sends a single to Search Engines that there’s something wrong on the site and this will hit your rankings.

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4. Know what your site is all about?

Very Common Mistake, many people forgot to focus on their main goal of creating a website. I suggest some questions you need to ask yourself:

  • What is a conversion for you?
  • Are you sharing genuine ideas/posts or it’s an (impressions) or just what people should click on?
  • What goals do you have for your website/blog?
  • Do you know what your assets and liabilities are?

Search Engine Optimization: Top 8 Essentials 2017

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5. Don’t Forget to Optimize for Multi-Channels



KeyWords strategy is very important and you should implement this on site, but you should also extend this to other off-site platforms such as mentioned below. these multi-channel platforms include:

  • FaceBook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Email
  • Advertisements

Using this platforms consistently with keywords & phrases will help your branding efforts also helps you rank for the specific keywords/phrases.

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6. Be Consistent With Domain Names

Domain name is very important to your overall website foundation, for best practice make sure you’re consistently using single domain instead playing with root or sub-domain. These are few best practices with domain names which I follow:

  • Consistent Domains: So if you access your website by typing (, but for some reason, you typed just ( your site should redirect you to the same page as ( in case, if it doesn’t that means Search Engines will think that these are 2 different websites. This is not effective for overall SEO of your site. as it will dilute your inbounds links, as external sites will link to ( and (
  • Keep It Old School: Old domains are always better than new, but before you buy an old domain make sure that the previous owner has not done anything which may have caused the domain to be penalized by Search Engines.
  • Keywords In URL: If you have the keyword you are trying to rank for in your domain name, Then it will only help if you post genuine great and user engaging content.

Search Engine Optimization: Top 8 Essentials 2017

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7. Optimizing for Different Types of Results

While creating a website mostly we focus on Desktop experience but make sure your website is also optimized for Mobile, tablet, and other platforms as well. As now Google give more priority to well-optimized sites and mobile indexing is also available now.

  • Create Rich Contents like Videos as it is very easy to rank for videos on the first page, than plain text pages.
  • Optimize your Non-text contents properly so search engines can see the content. if you use more flash or PDF contents, make sure to read the latest best practices, so that search engines can crawl that content and give visibility to your site for it.

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8. Focus on Your Meta Data Too

Make sure your content does have Title Tags and Meta Descriptions, It gives a brief description of your content to users.

  • Meta Keywords are mostly ignored by Search Engine these days, but if you still user is please make sure it is relevant to the content and also format it correctly.
  • Meta Description should also be relevant and should give brief information about the content and make sure it is unique from Page/Posts to posts. Else it will impact your indexing.
  • Title Tags should be unique! Think something that users would like to click and read more!!!

I suggest: search for something which users will use to search the content. like:


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